Life Plankton ™ Creamy Peel by Biotherm is a gentle and effective peel that fights the damage of contamination on the skin. It is the ideal complement to the cleaning routine to eliminate impurities and prepare the skin for the day-to-day in the urban environment. Perfect for those women who want to clean their skin in depth and protect it from urban aggressions, refining the pores and enhancing the luminosity and uniformity of the skin without irritating it. The new Life Plankton ™ Peel is formulated with ingredients of natural origin enhanced thanks to bioscience, an effective formula to clean and eliminate impurities from urban everyday life: - Life Plankton ™ probiotic fraction: stimulates cell renewal, regenerating the skin. - Squalene of vegetable origin, obtained from olive oil, an active principle with a silky and non-greasy texture, which has an excellent affinity with the skin and offers emollient properties that help to strengthen the skin barrier and allow the skin to protect itself from dehydration due to urban aggressions, in addition to balancing the production of fat.- The exfoliating technology of its formula: composed of polymers and surfactants, which allow it to be transformed into a small granule when massaged into the skin. This soft granule acts as a magnet that attracts dead cells, while gently and effectively removing suspended pollution particles. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Apply 2 doses in the palm of the hand. Apply to the face with circular movements on the cheeks, forehead, chin and neck, avoiding the eye area. Once the soft granule appears, continue the massage with circular movements for 30 seconds to allow total absorption of the impurities. Rinse with water, dry the face.

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101 ml - 200 ml
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All skin types

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