Blue Therapy Red Algae Uplift by Biotherm is the new complete line of lifting effect that corrects the effects produced by Blue Therapy Uplift is the new complete line of lifting effect that corrects the effects caused by the loss of collagen in the skin. Powered by bioscience, it shaves the visible signs of aging for a smoother, firmer and more luminous skin, providing a solution to the needs of the face during the day. Blue Therapy Uplift is aimed at those skins that see the effects that the loss of collagen produces on their skin and seek a lifting effect that reshapes the contours of the facial oval, providing tone, hydration and luminosity to the entire face. Like the entire Blue Therapy anti-aging repairing range, it contains: - 1% Life Plankton ™, Biotherm unique regenerating ingredient - Youth Algae, which repairs wrinkles, blemishes and loss of firmness. In addition, the new Blue Therapy Uplift range includes in its formulation: - Firming red algae that reshapes the facial oval, strengthening collagen and elastin fibers, enhancing elasticity and smoothing wrinkles - Collagen peptide fraction that stimulates collagen production , increasing elasticity, firming the skin and acting on deep wrinkles. Its pink coloring provides an immediate good-looking effect. APPLICATION DOSAGE: Apply with light touches on the face over forehead, cheeks and chin. APPLICATION: With the fingertips, slide over the jaw to the neck and then from the eyebrows to the upper area of the forehead to firm and elevate the facial contours. MASSAGE: Take a small amount of finger cream, and warm it with the palm of your hands. MASSAGE: With the OLAS gesture, press with all your fingers from the center of the face outwards, carry out this movement from the jaw to the forehead to improve microcirculation and achieve a more luminous skin.

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