Biotherm Homme T-Pur Anti Oil & Shine Moisturizing and mattifying gel has a clean skin effect. The formula helps protect the skin against the adhesion of micro-particles of contamination. Ultra-absorbent and mattifying, it keeps the skin hydrated and matte throughout the day: 8 hours of clean skin. Its application for 4 weeks provides a less oily, purified and healthier-looking skin. Suitable for sensitive skin. It absorbs quickly and leaves a cooling sensation on the skin. For men who sometimes feel they are wearing a "dirt mask", with shiny skin and visible pores, or those who live in environments with pollution and humidity. Enriched with antibacterial seaweed extract + zinc to regulate oil and with absorbent mineral perlite to control excess moisture. L. Digitata + zinc, Life Plankton ™ and Purlicium (perlite + airlicium ™) The T-Pur range is specifically designed for oily male skin. For a matte and perfect skin. Ritual Step 1. Cleanse the skin with the T-Pur Cleansing Gel. Step 2. Tone with T-Pur Anti Oil & Shine lotion. Step 3. Treat with the hydrating and mattifying gel T-Pur Anti Oil & Shine.


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