The first eco-designed solar milk, easy to apply, that does not leave white marks, with a delicious aroma called pulp of the sun. A fast-absorbing hydrating texture. Since 2012, Biotherm established internal and external commitments in order to preserve the environment: internally, taking into account the impact that occurs during the development of our products and externally, donating a percentage of the benefits of the sale of our brand pillars to support the Mission Blue platform in the protection of numerous aquatic locations on the planet. For women concerned about environmental protection and who wish to enjoy the sun through ultrasensory textures that guarantee the best and most photostable protection of their skin against UV rays, but also wish to be involved in the care and protection of the environment. environment. Technology With filtering system with Mexoryl ™, which provides optimal protection against UVA / UVB rays. With a combination of soothing and regenerating Life Plankton ™ along with antioxidant vitamin E to help limit oxidative damage from UVA rays. The Waterlover range In 2017 Biotherm revolutionized the concept of sun protection with Waterlover, Biotherm ecologically designed sun protection, with eco-certified sunscreens and a 58% biodegradable formula for less impact on the aquatic environment. Now you can effectively protect what you love: your skin, your family and the ocean. Ritual Step 1. Prepare skin for tanning by exfoliating with Lait de Gommage. Step 2. Protect with Waterlover SPF 50 sun milk. Step 3. Hydrate and prolong the tan with the after sun Lait Oligo-Thermal.

Data sheet

101 ml - 200 ml
Skin type
All skin types
Sun protection/SPF
High (SPF ≥ 30)

Biotherm Waterlover Sun...