The new Lait Solaire from Biotherm , inspired by our legendary Lait Corporel, turns sun protection into a true luxury ritual. A deliciously scented smooth milk with citrus notes to enjoy the sun without risks. Perfectly protected, the skin can calmly enjoy the benefits of the sun and gradually show off that long-awaited golden tan. The skin maintains its golden glow for longer thanks to the hydrating power of Lait Solaire. For women and men who seek to protect their skin with the same sensoriality of Lait Corporel. Thanks to the Mexoryl SX system, the skin is protected from the sun's rays thanks to it. It is a broad spectrum filter system that absorbs both UVA and UVB rays. This multi-filter system is also combined with vitamin E to neutralize free radicals and limit their production. An essential component of Biotherm products, Life Plankton ™ completes the formula to stimulate the skin's natural defenses. Biotherm Lait Solaire range is inspired by its legendary “Lait Corporel” moisturizing milk to create its new “Lait Solaire” sun protection designed to provide optimal sun protection for men and women. It is adapted for both the skin of the face and the body. Now enjoy your sun protection with the delicious aroma and irresistible texture of Lait Corporel. To enjoy the sun safely, determine your protection rating. Choose yours between: for sensitive skin to very sensitive skin, all degrees of exposure. Ritual Step 1. Prepare skin for tanning by exfoliating with Lait de Gommage. Step 2. Protect with Lait Solaire Hydrating Sun Milk. Step 3. The after sun Lait Oligo-Thermal moisturizes and prolongs the tan.

Data sheet

≥ 200 ml
Skin type
All skin types
Sun protection/SPF
Medium (SPF ≤ 30)

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