Biotherm combines in Blue Therapy Accelerated the anti-aging repairing efficacy of Alga de la Juventud ™ with an ultra-light sensory texture. Blue Therapy Accelerated is an anti-aging cream enriched with Alga de la Juventud ™, an ingredient that enhances and accelerates the skin's self-healing ability to fight aging. Its formula has been specifically designed to stop the inflammation caused by external factors that activate the appearance of the signs of aging. It works against wrinkles, dark spots and lack of firmness. Blue Therapy Accelerated Cream has an ultra-light aqueous gel texture that melts with the skin to facilitate the absorption of nutrients and thus accelerate the regeneration process. After a month of application, the skin looks visibly plump, firmer and more luminous. Blue Therapy Accelerated is a treatment designed for women over 35 with wrinkles, dark spots or lack of firmness looking for accelerated repair in an ultra-light texture. Blue Therapy Accelerated Cream is formulated with Life Plankton ™, a unique regenerating ingredient exclusive to Biotherm and Alga de la Juventud ™ (Alaria Sculenta extract), a naturally derived ingredient that works in a similar way with the skin to combat the signs of aging. and accelerate the skin's natural repair process.

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≤ 50 ml
Wrinkles and crow's feet
Skin type
All skin types
Anti-wrinkle and anti-aging

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