The secret to smoother, firmer and more luminous skin? A specific anti-aging serum that not only repairs quickly but also enhances the benefits of your cream. Blue Therapy Accelerated Serum is a repair serum for the visible signs of aging that repairs and beautifies the skin in an accelerated way, treating the main signs of aging: wrinkles, dark spots and lack of firmness. Enriched with Alga de la Juventud ™ to enhance the skin's self-healing capacity, 4 hours after application, the skin gains firmness (+12.1% *) and tonicity (+22.6% *). In just one week, the skin is 88% more luminous **, 90% more uniform ** and with a 90% uniform texture **. Suitable for all skin types, this product becomes a highly effective repairing serum thanks to the combination of Life Plankton ™ (unique regenerating ingredient, exclusive to Biotherm ), Alga de la Juventud ™ (extract of alaria esculenta, which can accelerate the skin cell metabolism by 42%) and a trio of aquatic actives that includes L. ochroleuca and A. Flos Aquae (responsible for the strengthening and firming effect) Blue Therapy is Biotherm No. 1 anti-aging range, launched in 2012 after an exhaustive study in which it was shown that “only 20% of the signs of aging are unavoidable; 80% of visible signs of aging can be repaired. * Clinical test. ** Self appraisal.


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