Biotherm Deo Pure Deodorant Cream: This antiperspirant cream has a triple action: 1. Ultra-effective: long-lasting antiperspirant efficacy, thanks to the triactive mineral complex. 2. Extreme respect for the skin: minimizes allergy risks, alcohol-free and very gentle on the skin, even sensitive or shaved armpits. 3. Perfect finish. For all women who want to feel fresh throughout the day. Plus, it contains Life Plankton ™, perlite, volcanic mineral, L. Digitata, and zinc. The Deo Pure range from Biotherm represents all the antiperspirant efficacy in formulas with a mineral complex. Biotherm offers a complete line of daily use deodorants with a fresh and light texture so that you are always ready, regardless of your goals. Deo Pure comes in 5 fresh versions that adapt to different habits: alcohol-free spray and stick, alcohol-free hypoallergenic cream and 24-hour antiperspirant cream for sensitive or depilated skin.

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