Inspired by spatial biology and its accelerated aging model, Lancôme presents Rénergie Multi-Lift eye contour cream by Lancôme . A lifting, firmness and anti-wrinkle treatment for the eye contour. In 4 weeks, the skin around the eyes appears taut, as if lifting and firmer, wrinkles fade, bags appear deflated and dark circles faded. The eye contour is brighter and younger. The Rénergie Multi-Lift range: The new Rénergie Multi-Lift incorporates the exclusive [Up-Cohesión]™, una combinación de activos probada en condiciones de micro-gravedad simulada capaz de lograr los resultados más eficaces para una piel más lisa, más firme, para devolver la tensión a la piel y redefinir los contornos del rostro, zona a zona. Esta tecnología [Up-Cohesión] ™ technology combines an extract of Cyathea Medullaris with guanosine, to offer a multiple strategy: - Strengthen the cytoskeleton of fibroblasts, making them spindle-shaped. - Restructure the dermal matrix, organizing and densifying the network of collagen fibers. - Strengthen cell-matrix adhesion points.


Data sheet

≤ 50 ml
Congested eyes
Dark circles and bags under the eyes
Lack of firmness
Wrinkles and crow's feet
Skin type
Anti-wrinkle and anti-aging

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