Lancôme Visionnaire Treatment Serum is a second-generation formula designed to perfect the skin every day. The formula of this corrective treatment contains LR 2412, a molecule designed to act through all layers of the epidermis. From the first application, the skin is smoother and more flexible. After a month, wrinkles and pores are reduced, as if they had been corrected. For women concerned about: Wrinkles, visible pores and uneven skin texture. For women concerned about wrinkles, visible pores, and uneven skin texture. Technology It contains the molecule [LR 2412 4% - Cx] , which offers a 3-in-1 corrective power that visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles, pores and skin texture. Dermatologically tested to ensure safety. For all skin types. The Visionnaire range LR 2412 4 %-Cx increases endogenous hyaluronic acid production, causing a plumping effect on the skin. Professor Gallo, Professor of Dermatology at the University of San Diego (California), states: "I do not know of another molecule that can induce the production of hyaluronic acid as intensely and rapidly as LR 2412".

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≤ 50 ml
Enlarged pores
Wrinkles and crow's feet
Skin type
Anti-wrinkle and anti-aging
Moisturizing Care

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