Water of Natural, Unique and Sublime Beauty. Perfumery scholars have written that in the future perfumes will not be sold for their smell, but for their properties to transform and improve our energy balance and general well-being through olfactory and sensory stimulation. At ALQVIMIA we create the future with the renewed range of Natural Waters. ALQVIMIA's 100% natural fragrances are a natural alternative for complete well-being. Its pleasant sensory properties are only achieved by using the purest essential oils in the right concentration. Alqvimia Natural Cologne Waters are one of the few perfumery ranges made with 100% pure and natural raw materials; They are a unique range of its kind and sublime in its creation. An essential oil of a beautiful yellow color and a delicate fragrance of fresh and delicious fruit is extracted from the lemon rind. Four thousand lemons are necessary to obtain one kilo of essential oil. The molecules of lemon essential oil are very small, it is therefore very volatile and difficult to fix on the skin. On the contrary, it has a very good skin penetration and rapid absorption. It immediately produces positive changes in our emotional states. So this water is stimulating and invigorating. Helps in concentration and avoids distraction. Stimulates the immune system. Dermoprotective in general.


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51 ml - 100 ml
Olfactory Family
Eau de Cologne

Fresh Lemon Water 100 ml