Good Fortune is the embodiment of a new positive lifestyle, an olfactory manifesto for spirituality and self-confidence, thus allowing you to create your own destiny. Since destiny is not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice. This women's perfume is inspired by Viktor & Rolf's Spiritual Glamor Haute Couture collection, designed for a new profile of women who seek a purpose in life and are united by a strong and unbreakable feeling of sisterhood. Enchanting and powerful, the fragrance opens with the secret alchemy of co-distilled fennel flower and gentian as an invigorating magnetic top. Additionally, a superinfusion of jasmine takes center stage at the heart of the fragrance that blooms with its velvety solar notes. And the base is creamy and captivating ethically sourced Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar. Aligned with the values it transmits and with a long-term ecological commitment, Good Fortune is a vegan fragrance, without ingredients derived from animals. THE BOTTLE: A captivating bottle thanks to its purple juice that levitates on a precious golden pedestal. The mystery potion is sealed with an iconic Viktor & Rolf seal. It also contains a carved stone lid that evokes the powerful amethyst stone, which allows you to connect with your spiritual self. With 15% recycled glass, this bottle is designed for our consumers committed to the environment, thanks to its refillable function (you can unscrew the cap and refill the bottle again). Family: White Flowers Heart Notes: Jasmine Superinfusion Base Notes: Bourbon Vanilla Infusion Key Notes: Fennel Flower and Gentian co-distilled, Jasmine Superinfusion and Bourbon Vanilla

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51 ml - 100 ml
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Eau de Parfum

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