Le Male Elixir Eau de Parfum, the new sailor by Jean Paul Gaultier has arrived. More intense and sexy than ever.

When he comes aboard, Le Male Elixir causes a heat wave. This men's fragrance is so intense that gold melts into golden stripes along its slender torso and metal case. Le Male Elixir takes the helm of sensuality, giving off the maximum expression of sex appeal. Be careful not to touch his skin, you will burn yourself!

Le Male Elixir ignites all the senses creating maximum addiction. Sunny tropical tonka bean blends with the now legendary lavender, and together with the animal magnetism of benzoin, they create an explosion of fresh mint and bergamot. Impossible not to melt with desire.

With Le Male Elixir by Jean Paul Gaultier you will get the senses activated, the desire burning and the gold flowing freely. Stunning and sexy.


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51 ml - 100 ml
101 ml - 200 ml
Olfactory Family
Eau de Parfum

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Le Male Elixir Eau de Parfum

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