BAD BOY Le Parfum redefines the iconic BAD BOY scent with a fresh, electrifying formula that is bolder than ever. Unapologetic, authentic and mysterious, this perfume proves that the rules are made to be broken. This aroma is a daring and surprising olfactory experience. Bad Boy Le Parfum embodies the duality of the modern man with its blend of top notes of grapefruit and electrifying hemp leading to aromatic and spicy notes of geranium and black pepper. The base reveals a final surprise, with notes of woody vetiver and sensual leather. The bottle ventures into mysterious and unexplored territory with a daring matte black rendition of the iconic BAD BOY lightning bolt, the coloration of hipster sophistication.


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51 ml - 100 ml
Olfactory Family
Eau de Parfum

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Bad Boy Le Parfum

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  • 50 ml 54.95
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