Brave. Urban. Vibrant. Only The Brave Street is a modern expression of bravery from Diesel . Inspired by urban and street culture, this new men's perfume combines the strength of concrete with the vibrant energy of the city. Its juice is a reflection of this duality: on the one hand, powerful and addictive due to its notes of licorice and vetiver. On the other, fresh and energetic due to its notes of basil, bergamot and crunchy apple. Woody, aromatic fragrance. Only The Brave Street Eau de Toilette for men has an urban and unusual olfactory signature that transforms it into one of the most modern men's perfumes on the market. The top notes of the fragrance are fresh and energetic, composed of citrus accords such as bergamot, apple and basil. At the heart of the fragrance, vetiver brings the woody and slightly earthy characteristics that combined with licorice make Only The Brave Street an addictive and vibrant masculine scent. Only The Brave Street is the masculine perfume for men who have the motivation to take the road and become who they want to be. This man looks to the city for his inspiration, his energy and his strength. The streets become his playground where he can fully and freely express his creativity. Diesel Only The Brave is presented in one of the most iconic bottles in men's perfumery. The fist-shaped bottle conveys the strength and masculinity of the Diesel man. Its cement finish represents the strength of the city and the orange details the unstoppable energy of the great metropolises. Only The Brave's fist can be understood from a vertical perspective, representing determination and assertiveness in oneself, but also from a horizontal perspective, representing the inner strength necessary to reach further.

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101 ml - 200 ml
≤ 50 ml
Olfactory Family
Fresh / Citrus / Aquatic
Eau de Toilette

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