Issage Maxage Tech II Shiatsu Massager with Heat Effect, With Heat Function technology, the massage head incorporates infrared technology for the application of heat. The HEAT function increases muscle elasticity, reduces joint stiffness, relieves pain, causes vasodilation and has a local analgesic action. The Shiatsu function is applied by pressure on certain points of the body, it helps to relieve discomfort, pain, stress or nervous disorders. The SHIATSU function activates circulation, restores body balance and relaxes. Thus a great well-being is achieved. Four enhanced massage nodes, with the ability for intense massage to reach the muscles. Heat massage with a heat effect that relaxes the muscles, providing a therapeutic heat to the massage. Bidirectional movement with Shiatsu effect of manual massage in various positions as it allows use on the neck, waist, shoulders or back.

Maxage Tech II Shiatsu...