Dream legs for sunny days. In the blink of an eye, your legs take on a natural color, smoothed and glowing with luminosity. Without the need for stockings, the legs look beautiful when exposed. Flash Bronzer Self-Tanning Lotion has a tinted formula that tans skin and dries in minutes to ensure flawless results. You will be amazed at how fast this creamy lotion dries, allowing you to get dressed immediately. Its colored texture guarantees a uniform application and coverage, for a natural tanned result, without marks. Enriched with vitamin E, this lotion leaves the skin sublimated, with a delicate golden halo. Technology Transformed: The light reflectors of the formula provide a pearlescent appearance; The association of colorants with an immediate color effect and a self-tanning agent (DHA) ensure a uniform tone from the first application that gradually intensifies until a radiant tan is obtained. Pampered: An easy-to-apply colored fluid that provides a uniform finishing effect. Preserved: enriched with a moisturizing agent and Vitamin E, your skin feels wonderfully comfortable.

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101 ml - 200 ml
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