Protect your face from the damaging effects of the sun's rays, including dark spots, while fighting wrinkles. Biotherm SPF 30 cream, fast absorption for face, neck and décolleté. 24 hours of hydration. High protection For men and women who seek to protect their skin from premature aging caused by ultraviolet radiation, thus avoiding the appearance of premature spots and wrinkles. Technology High protection: filtering system with Mexoryl SX & XL for broad spectrum protection against powerful UVA and UVB rays and formulated with antioxidant vitamin E. Anti-aging action: thanks to the joint action of the vitamin E and Life Plankton ™ filters against wrinkles and spots caused by sun exposure. 24 hour hydration: Glycerin hydrates skin to combat dryness. Biotherm solar line A complete line of sun protection with great moisturizing power that offers protection and sensory pleasure during application with light textures and addictive fragrances. Sun Sea Wind Repair® technology combines UV filters and Life Plankton ™ to protect against UV rays and to instantly regenerate skin weakened by sun, water and wind. The skin is protected and ready to enjoy the pleasures of the sun.

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≤ 50 ml
Skin type
All skin types
Sun protection/SPF
Medium (SPF ≤ 30)

Biotherm Crème Solaire...