Biotherm Homme Aquafitness Deodorant stick that does not leave white stains on black clothing or yellowish stains on white clothing. Protection and freshness 24 hours a day. Its blue texture is inspired by the ocean to provide a fully aquatic experience. Designed for intrepid, uncontrollable men, addicted to adrenaline, who seek a fresh invigorating and aquatic sensation. Aquafitness deodorant is Biotherm Homme's only deodorant to date formulated with our anti-white spot and anti-yellow spot technology. Without alcohol or parabens. Leaves no deodorant residue. The Aquafitness range represents the energy of the oceans concentrated in a unique fragrance. When you conquer the ocean, you ride a wave full of adrenaline, you dive into intoxicating depths and soak up this pure energy ... That's when you get to control your strength by strengthening body and mind. Formulated with the same oceanic fragrance, which provides an instant sensation of oceanic freshness. The ritual? Step 1. Clean with the shower gel and then apply the Aquafitness deodorant. Step 2. Refresh with fresh Aquafitness water. Step 3. Hydrate with Aquapower Hydrating Gel.

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